Top 10 Tech Products of 2014

With Christmas just around the corner and 2014 coming to an end, it is the perfect time to go over my favorite tech products of 2014! Each earning a spot in the top ten because of their excellent design, user experience, application or all three! I have used every product listed below (excluding the DJI Inspire 1).

1. HTC One M8

The M8 is currently my favorite smartphone. With a beautiful seamless metal design, insanely loud speakers and a processor that is fast and battery efficient, all together make the HTC One M8 my daily driver and favorite tech product of 2014. A close runner up would be the Moto X or iPhone 6 Plus.

HTC One M8

[Product Page] Category: Smartphones, Price: USD $649 Unlocked

2. Moto 360

With the Moto 360, similar to the HTC One M8, it all comes down to design. What sets the 360 apart from its rivals is its circular display and metal build. As a person who appreciates great design, watches and technology, the Moto 360 easily made it into second place.

Motorola Moto 360

[Product Page] Category: Smartwatches, Price: USD $249

3. DJI Inspire One

While $2,899 is a lot of money to spend on a product, the Inspire One is packed with tech, like a 4K camera that makes the price tag look like a steal. In my opinion, its main feature that makes it worth the three grand is its ability to stream real time 720p HD video to your mobile device or HDMI compatible monitor. So if you have three thousand George’s (US President on $1 Bill) burning a hole in your pocket, I’d say go for it, buy the Inspire One. You won’t be disappointed!

DJI Inspire 1

[Product Page] Category: Quadracopters, Price: USD $2899

4. Lenovo Yoga Pro 3

What has always attracted me to Lenovo’s laptops is their design. I think you are starting to see a pattern here! The Yoga 3 adds a unique new hinge making it thinner and lighter than ever. Three physical modes turn this ultrabook into a beast of a hybrid. It is a tablet and laptop in one! However, with the Yoga Pro 3, it is more than just a well-designed device. A fast processor and great battery grant this yoga master the title of “Roman’s Favorite Laptop of 2014″.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 3


[Product Page] Category: Laptops, Price: USD $1399

5. iPad Air 2

As an Android user, admitting the iPad Air 2 was my favorite tablet of 2014 was emotionally quite a challenge. What drew me in was the full metal construction and the fact that it is thinner than a pencil! I am still not sure how that is possible. Congrats Apple! Other features such as a damn high resolution display and a processor that makes iOS run smoothly without a glitch is what broke my Android (tablet) heart.

iPad Air 2

[Product Page] Category: Tablets, Price: USD $499

6. GoPro 4 Black Edition

Considering this beast of a camera is about the size of a Zippo lighter, the hardware the engineering team managed to pack into the GoPro 4 Black Edition is very impressive, to say the least. Its ultra-high resolution video recording capabilities of 4K at 30 frames per second is thanks to the camera’s processor which is twice as powerful as its predecessor’s. This makes for detailed videos that are going to make your mountain biking video more epic. I know I will be bringing this guy on all my adventures and think you should too!

GoPro 4 Black Edition

[Product Page] Category: Cameras, Price: USD $499

7. Chromecast

The Chromecast is a neat little device. If its ability to transform any TV into a smart TV doesn’t impress you, its $32 price tag surely will. Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Using any mobile device, it enables you to “cast” all your favorite media to the big screens!


[Product Page] Category: Streaming Media Players, Price: USD $32

8. Philip Hue

In a world where everything in the home is becoming internet connected, we can’t forget about the light bulbs. Many of us maybe don’t realize that light plays a huge role in our mood. Take working in the dark vs a well lit room for example, or outside under the sunlight vs indoors in the office. The Philip Hue light bulbs enable you to set the lighting conditions of your environment whenever you please, all via a smartphone. Whether you are feeling blue, red, green or prefer the color temperature of the sun, these light bulbs will be able to set the mood for any environment and brighten your day.

Philip Hue

[Product Page] Category: Smart Light Bulbs, Price: USD $59

9.  Bose SoundSport

The reason Bose’s SoundSport are my favorite in-ear headphones is because they are so comfortable to wear. Whether I am going on a run or sitting at my desk writing an article titled “Top 10 Tech Products of 2014″, I barely notice they are in my ears. Add great sounding audio, beautiful design and impressive durability and some killer headphones are born. The Bose SoundTrue in-ear headphones are not the cheapest pair of headphones around in this category but they are the best I have heard from this class in a long time. Bose have lived up to their reputation with these headphones and I am recommending them to anyone looking for a high end set of in-ear headphones!

Bose SoundSport

[Product Page] Category: In-ear Headphones, Price: USD $149

10. Noke

Keys have been used to open locks for centuries but keys have the same problems today as they did back then. They are easy to lose, they can be stolen, they are a pain to share, and if you share them, you must get them back. Sharing combinations has its own set of issues. To solve these inconveniences, Noke has developed a Bluetooth padlock that when used with your smartphone becomes a Smartlock enabling you to quickly unlock as well as share your access with the click of a button. Maybe what is more impressive than the product itself is the fact that it was launched on Kickstarter and raised over half a million dollars! I have spoken with the maker of Noke at Engadget Expand NYC and complimented him on his great product and you should to by checking out their website!


[Product Page] Category: Bluetooth Padlocks, Price: USD $59



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