Most of my work is sealed under a NDA. Duties included designing electronics and software for high altitude (stratosphere) research experiments.

I am co-inventor on the following US Patent: A payload delivery and recovery system, having a payload including a data collection device arranged to collect data, and a controllable ascent vehicle comprising a controllable lighter than air (LTA) mechanism detachably coupled to the payload and used during an ascent phase to deliver the payload to a pre-determined altitude. The payload delivery and recovery system also having a controllable descent mechanism releasably attached to the controllable ascent vehicle and that can be used during a descent phase for reducing a rate of descent of the payload subsequent to release of the payload at the pre-determined altitude and including a control system for navigating the payload to a desired ground location during a recovery phase.

Read More: https://www.google.com/patents/US20160018823




University of Michigan and Aether Industries LLC

Date Added

December 2015