Modern day health care systems face many challenges due to the growing aging population, rising costs, and limited resources in developing countries. Infrequent and time-consuming medical examinations at local hospitals are insufficient to meet the challenge of growing health-diagnostic needs in the patient population. Thus, alternative Point-of-Care (POC) solutions are ideal for reducing the load on these essential services by enabling users to self screen. The dipstick test format seems ideal for this situation and has dominated rapid diagnostics for the last three decades. This format gained popularity within the general consumer market due to its compactness, portability and low cost. However, lack of quantitative data in these measurements has limited their usefulness. The goal of this project is to create a POC diagnostic application which will run on any smartphone and will automatically analyze the results these dipstick tests using optical techniques. It will also indicate to the user in a simple format, the results so that necessary medical attention can be sought before serious complications arise.



Date Added

June 2016